PINK Merch - Bookmark + Button


Reselling some of the merch from our Allura zine sales. Show off some PINK in honor of our beloved space princess! 
(sorry, pink gem and barbells not included lol). 

With this purchase, you will receive:
1) a 2.5 inch "I Wear Pink For The Fallen" Allura button.
2) a double-faced 2 x 6 inch bookmark with a toddler Allura on one side and Pink Paladin Allura w/ an inspirational message on another*.
3) Love and immense thanks from admin Jules who created the merch <3

~This option has FREE SHIPPING. Choose ONLINE DELIVERY after purchase so you are not charged. IF you purchase this with another order in our shop (e-zine, physical zine etc), only choose the shipping option that is designated to the other order (Ex: If you buy a physical zine with this merch, choose domestic/international shipping for that. If you buy an e-zine with this merch, no shipping is required so just choose Online Delivery). 

* The message on the bookmark reads: "I am strong because I have been weak / I am fearless because I have been afraid / I am wise because I have been foolish." 

If you have any questions/concerns, let us know at Go to our tumblr page at @allurazine and twitter at @allurazineyears to know more about our zine and it's creators, our sales, and people's reviews!

- admin jules