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Pick up this beautiful exclusive issue dedicated to the Altean princess today which includes:

1) 100+ pages featuring works by 52 fabulous artists and writers in beautiful, glossy, 8.5 in x 11 in. format (cover art by admin jules and zine layout by both admin jules and cat)
2) our love and thanks!

Want a sneak peak? Watch the video of me (jules) flipping through the zine here: 
Check out our tumblr blog at @allurazine for more about the zine and its creators, our sales, and people's reviews. You can't get this THICK FULL SIZE MAGAZINE full of vibrant tales and artwork anywhere else!

*IMPORTANT - Shipping varies for domestic (U.S) and international.
~ If you are in the U.S, please choose the domestic shipping option. 
~ If you are international, please choose the international shipping option. 

~ February 2018 Update: I, Jules, am also reselling some of the merch I created (bookmarks and buttons). Consider adding that to your purchase and show off some PINK [for Valentine's Day, for Breast Cancer Awareness etc.]. 
Since this has originally been a for-profit zine, any proceeds will be distributed among our wonderful creators for their hard work and talent. Any amount not accepted by them will be donated to this charity for DIPG (brain tumor) research: https://www.defeatdipg.org/dipg-facts/overview/what-is-dipg/ or a charity of their choice.

Any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at allurazineyears@gmail.com ! 

- admin jules and cat