zine + poster

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This exclusive combo includes:

1) the first issue of the Allura zine - 100+ pages featuring works by fabulous artists and writers in beautiful, glossy, 8.5 in x 11 in. format (cover art by admin jules and zine layout by admin cat)
2) the "Identity" poster - a 18 in x 24 in. colorful collage of various Allura-s in different styles, cultures, and identities by 18 different artists worldwide -- and gifted to Kimberly Brooks (the voice of Allura) herself!
3) lots and lots of Allura goodness - showcasing all her strengths, weaknesses, and glory.
4) our love and thanks. 

Expect shipments mid November after our first preorder round! If you preorder before November 11th, we will send you an electronic copy of your purchase (zine and poster) to your email absolutely free! This way you can get an early start to going through wonderful Allura content before getting your zine hot off the press!

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